Is everything in the "autobay" the "autobay"?

Can the media blaster and belt grinder be used with a booking for the metal shop, or do they require an autobay booking?

Excellent question, I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on this. I don’t use either of those areas of the space and am only superficially aware of their interplay, so not sure the right answer. @EricP @JoeN @kye @mrflip or anyone else have ideas on this?

You can use the blaster with a metal shop booking, just like if you wanted to cut a sheet of plywood during your laser booking, just sanitize before and after and make sure you are maintaining distancing.

An important side note is that the sandblaster is undergoing some upgrades and is not in the most usable condition currently(probably a week until finished) and the large belt sander is not wired in currently as we haven’t found a good place we like for it yet.

OK, cool. I’d hoped that was the case. I did see the posting about the media blaster upgrades; too bad, I was hoping to use that soon… I guess I can put up with rusty parts for a little while longer :slight_smile:

I assume that by the same reasoning, it’s OK to use the DoAll to rough out parts on a machine shop booking?

Yes that’s fine and even if you are on a wood-shop booking and needed to cut a single bracket or something on the DO-ALL that would be fine as long as you are not infringing on any one else space,cleaning and sanitizing immediately etc. I put this in the FAQ’s but it probably wasn’t clear enough.

But You do make a good point that the sandblaster/belt sander is more part of the metal shop and the doall is part of the machine shop ( ill try to add that in the skedda descriptions.) The previous point was more of a general comment about using tools in different booking zones.