Introducing... Lisa! Our Membership Coordinator 🎉

As you may know, we put up a job posting several weeks ago for the very first paid position at Asmbly - Membership Coordinator. I’m excited to announce that we’ve filled the role and I can’t imagine finding anyone more perfect!

Lisa Edwards (@lisa) has been coming to Asmbly as a guest for over a year and has been admiring our transformation from a distance. She is a maker at heart starting with crochet at an early age, expanding to woodworking as a teen building enclosures for animals, and furniture refinishing in recent years with a special appreciation for marrying beauty with function. She recently started a YouTube channel - Your Hippie Sister Builds - and is embarking on a new career as a maker! Her passion for creating and sharing with others makes her a perfect fit for this role and we are thrilled to welcome her aboard for this historic moment in Asmbly history.

As Membership Coordinator, Lisa will be around onsite to help new members get acquainted in the space, guide members in our online systems, orient new members, and much more.

An important detail to note is that Lisa is now also a member at Asmbly, so you will often see her at the shop working on her own projects. You’ll know she’s on the clock as Membership Coordinator when you see her wearing her pink apron as shown in this picture. She’s an extremely friendly person and will be happy to chat and get to know everyone regardless of whether or not she’s on the clock, but please do show her respect as a fellow member and save your help requests for when she is working (she’ll be happy to let you know a good time if you ask :slight_smile: ).

You can see our first introduction of Lisa from our ILHIGH livestream here and her answer to when you can find her working as Membership Coordinator here.

Please join me in welcoming Lisa! :clap: :clap:

If you have any questions for Lisa, please post them here!


Welcome aboard!


We are delighted you’ve joined us. Welcome!


Great, welcome aboard!


Woooo!!! So excited.


Thank you Randall!

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you Mark!

Thanks Scott! You guys have been so welcoming and helpful as I learn the ins and outs of Asmbly! I feel very lucky to have found you guys and to be a part of this awesome growing makerspace!

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Ohhh, that explains why she wasn’t too peeved at me when I left my phone in the coworking area yesterday! Thanks for your help with that, btw.

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I never get peeved at you Russell, always happy to help when and where I can!