Intro to auto bay area?

Is there someone who could show me around the auto bay?

I made an impulse buy of a sorta-kinda-running 1973 Honda bike (because I need more projects in my life) and I’m hoping someone can give me a short into to what we have there and what the norms/rules of using that specific space are.


Hey @gmossessian
-motorcycle jack
-floor jack
-parts washer
-pneumatic tools
-hand tools (I would get a set of sockets and wrenches if you don’t a set)
We take all of our used fluids with us. Someone left used oil and a mess recently. Not cool. You are able to book time slots as usual. If you have a long-term thing. You can message the board about it.
Let me know if you have any other questions?

Thanks joe!

Is it cool to use my own media in the blaster? I’d like to try baking soda but I don’t know if that’s ok with our equipment and if it’ll interfere with others’ work.

Is there a timing strobe?

I’ll be at the woodshop tonight and will take a look around.

There is a timing light. The media in the blaster needs to stay aluminum oxide. It is probably a bit aggressive for what you are wanting to do.

Let me think about the media change. I don’t want a bunch of different media types being mixed together.

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Hey Joe, I left a bag of absorbent in the Auto Bay for spill clean ups. If people post about it when its used, I’ll replace it as required, and can dispose of the used stuff as well.

I noticed while I was in the Auto bay, it seems like there are a few buckets of scrap metal starting to collect, and also a larger one near the welding shop. If they need to be recycled, I can take care of that as well. I didn’t want to grab them before I knew.


@jamesfreeman they are definitely for recycling. Thank you! I think we should spend a few hours giving the autobay some tlc. How about the May 8th? I figure 3 people in the morning can make a huge difference.

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I can help with the autobay TLC if you’d like


Perfect, thanks Joe!

I can come help out May 8.

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Cool, so @gmossessian, @dash3811, and myself will meet May 8 at 9am till 12. I will block out that time

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Love this!!! Thanks for giving this part of the shop so much needed attention guys.

I picked up the scrap metal today. I remembered there was a bin ion the class room, not sure why it was in there. I emptied it as well and left it by the large bandsaw. I also emptied the full used oil drain catch, using 2 empty oil jugs that were at the space.

I can continue to empty these things as needed. I also put a small amount of absorbent in the 5 gallon bucket I made a mess in. A little of that stuff goes a long way.

Next time I’m up there, I’ll bring some common auto bays staples to leave at the shop-
A bag of red auto rags, fine if they aren’t returned
Brake cleaner
Some absorbent mats
Other suggestions as received.


Thank you!! @jamesfreeman

Thanks for emptying the scrap, I’m pulling it for good that’s why it was in there. There’s no reason we should be taking care of other peoples scrap rotors metal etc. they need take it with them. Same goes for oil.