Impromptu work day

Today we worked on a few projects.
-We installed the a new tire for the Grizzly bandsaw. We are ordering a new fence and blade.
-We installed a new blade in Rikon bandsaw. We got a report that the Rikon is cutting straight. That is great news.
-The Jet Bandsaw is red-tagged. We are ordering some news bearings. We were able to install a missing cooling block. It should be up and going this week. When the bandsaw is running again will cut straighter.
-Installed the new abrasive blasting gun. Big Thanks to Jerry for the help. The new gun has a foot pedal and is less fatiguing to use vs a trigger.
-Jerry fixed the broken air line in autobay. The hose reel in the autobay is useable again.
-We machined some more parts for the Shark CNC Project. I think we are getting the 50% on this project. The design build is starting to come together. Almost
-We worked on the Atlas Copco. Jerry and @EricP installed the pressure switch. We started to check each system to get it powered up. The smart breakers are not cooperating. We will work on it again in the next week or so.
Big Thanks to @EricP and Jerry for working on the impromptu list. We are getting a list of projects together for future work days. It will be posted on the forum.

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All that is great news. My thanks to members