Impromptu Jointer Class Sunday 11AM

I have an hour on Sunday where I can cover the new jointer for anyone who is interested. It won’t take long. It’s not a class on jointer skills. Just a class on using this new jointer. I’ll hang out for about an hour. I have a reservation on Tarkin at noon, so I can repeat it a few times.


I’m game

I’ll be there from 11 to 12.
Stop in if you want a quick review of the Laguna jointer.

Yea I’ll try to be there. Got the booster on Thursday and it’s still beating me down.

I’ll be there.

Hung out for half an hour before I had to leave. Rain check.

It’s tomorrow, Sunday…

That makes sense. Good lesson in how reading comprehension drops while taking care of sick toddlers.


Thanks, Charlie See you then.

Thanks again for doing this today, Charlie!

I missed the class by a couple hours, but I had a quick question about jointers in general:

Is there a way to make sliding the work piece across easier? I find that it gets really hard to push sometimes. I don’t mean that sliding it through the blades is difficult (my passes are always super tiny,) but the friction between the bed and the wood makes it difficult.

This bed has less friction, so it should be easier. But you don’t want to push down hard either. On thinner wood, if you distort the board by pushing down, this not flattening it with the jointer. You can press harder on the outfeed side. Once past the cutters, minimal to no pressure on the infeed side.