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It turns on automatically when closed. Stays off when the lid is open so you’re not blinded.


@dannym Unfortunately, the adhesive pads aren’t holding up. Came in today to find the upper-right light bar hanging. I just stuck it back up since the pads are still tacky, but seems like we need a better mount/adhesive strategy long-term. Perhaps abrade and clean the metal surface at the mount points?

Hmm I did clean it as well as possible with alcohol. The adhesive foam zip tie mounts are actually holding better, the center light was the initial prob and the zip tie holders were holding it from the ends effectively.

I think it’s the lid flexing under these long, stiff bars is making it peel away.

I can add zip tie mounts to the edges of these, a zip tie mount to the bottom of the lid, and just zip tie the two mounts together. Then it won’t have a prob with flex

Maybe use a machine screw and nut to secure it