I was warned about hooks 😅

I’m positive @dash3811 warned me about printing hooks sideways instead of vertically.

Baby yoda has some defects, but turned out relatively ok? He clearly needed some more supports in a few places, there’s some spots where it looks like burn marks? and the top of his head looks like it melted a little, but not too bad for my first solo print! I ordered a Prusa MK3, so I’ll be able to make some of this at home in a few weeks, but I’ll still be around the shop to learn woodshop and lazers soon.


I can’t really tell from the pic but the lines appear to be going up and down relative to the picture. If I am correct in that statement then that’s definitely not the orientation you want them to be. Just spitballing here but from that design, it may have to be orientated weirdly just because of how short the hooks are and how parallel they appear to be relative to the outer face.

Burn marks on that filament would be a brownish to black color. Also, the circulation wasn’t on, I turned it on the other night when I walked past it, and technically the door is supposed to be open when printing pla because of how high the temperature gets in the enclosure. I may end up flipping the rear fans around so they are bringing cooler air in and all the heat is escaping the top when printing pla.

A Prusa MK3, the BOSE of 3D printers. It’s a good choice, not to mention pretty pricey. I probably would have gotten something that was enclosed> Although it says it’s compatible with all these different types of filament, those that require heated environments you won’t be able to print without the enclosure. Also, I’m not real fond of many 3D printer manufacturers’ belief in the quality of their product, AKA the WARRANTY. They guarantee their product is so awesome that it’s, “products received many awards worldwide and are covered by an international warranty with 60-day hassle-free returns (conditions apply).” The quote I copied directly from their site. I am very curious to know what they define as hassle-free and what conditions may apply.

I am very astounded by QIDI’s warranty though and not only because it’s a year’s worth of no-questions-asked support. I accidentally fried the board to the X-Max printer at the shop, and their printers are more of a closed type of printer. Meaning not widely sourced and the coding as well as firmware info is hard to find or duplicate. However, I emailed them told them what happened and they shipped me a brand new board free of charge as well as a new extruder minus the motor. I then told them one of the printer motors stopped and sent me another brand new carriage/extruder. This time it was the entire High-Temp extruder with the steel nozzle and all.

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The original orientation of the STL was probably what I should have gone with, but I was overly worried about the amount of overhang in the middle of the print. Next attempt I’ll leave it sideways and just make sure to generate supports for it.

I figure if I end up needing to print ABS enclosed or something, I’ll drop by the shop and use one of the other printers. We had the Prusa at work a while back, and it seemed to do a pretty good job pumping out random prints for the office. I went back and forth over that model vs a cheaper Ender3 / CR-10, but ultimately I just picked one because I was tired of trying to decide what to get. Gotta spend that stimulus check somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a super long drive to ASMBLY, but I figured I’d get more practice printing if I just pulled the trigger and got my own rig. I figure it’s like anything else, and I’ll get better at it with practice.

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Thats why the first thing i say in the class is, “3D printing is an experimental hobby because of there being so many factors that can turn a great print into a not so great print.”