I need a moveable platform for some wood shop tools

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit short. I’ve come to notice that some of the wood shop tools are fixed a bit too high for me. Most notably, the miter saw and the wood lathes. They are just high enough to make me hesitant using them.

In the interest of safety, I’d like to propose that I make a moveable platform that I can bring to those tools when I use them. I would want this to be quite sturdy, and so it’s likely to be heavy. As such, I would like to leave it at the space. Leaving it there would also allow other members to use it.



Seems like a good idea to me!

Heck yeah, this is a fantastic idea! @EricP or @JoeN can y’all think of a good spot we could store something like this? I wonder if under the outfeed table next to the miter saw would be good?

That seems fine. I think the space under the miter might work also.

There’s also more space towards the drill press, still under the cabinets at the miter station.

Hey Stephannie

A platform that you describe does not need to be heavy. A simple box-like structure, maybe 5"-6" high, made from 3/4" ply and properly jointed, would weigh around 10-12 lbs.

Peace, Wolf

@LoboFPV - more accurately, awkward.

Just trying to help.

Peace, Wolf

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I’ve made platform version 1, and I’ve stored it under the miter saw station near the drill press. In this first iteration, I’ve only made it a few inches tall. If anyone else uses it, please offer your thoughts on size, stability, etc.