Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting Poorly

The horizontal bandsaw was cutting very slowly today. I wasn’t certain of that judgement at first, because I was cutting a bigger aluminum piece than I usually do, but @mkmiller6 cut some material after me, something he’s cut before, and he agreed it was taking much longer. I didn’t go back to look at the blade, but I suspect there is an issue there.

(Unrelated side note: I ought to learn how to refill the coolant on that at some point.)

I think I ordered a blade recently. I will check the amazon acct.

The coolant is a 43:1 ratio mix. A little goes a very long way

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New bandsaw blade and aluminum chop blade are on order.

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there is an extra blade in the stewards cabinet I think.
Just add water to the tank via the drain pain a half gallon max probably just look on the left side to see that it doesn’t overflow. No need to add any concentrate any time soon.

I added a little less than a half gallon the other day when I was using it, so should be fine for a little bit.

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A new blade has been installed. There is a also a new blade for the Aluminum only chop saw