Horizontal band saw operational?

Is the horizontal band saw operational? I have a piece of 2" tubular steel I need to make a couple of cuts. The integrated vice has no head and it looks like it’s bath has been dry for a long time. If it is operational is there anyone who could give me the once over on this unit. I’ve used several before and took the TechShop class back in the day but haven’t had a chance to take the ATX Hackerspace metal shop class. Covid et.al. starting a few weeks after I joined.

Contact Joe Ngo, about status. To fill res. Just pour about a gallon of coolant/water in the catch tray, one quart at a time, just in case the res still has…

I had to do some research for some parts that wore out in the vise. I have to order parts and there is a bit of lead time. You can use a c clamp to hold your material while you cut. Like @LoboFPV said you can pour some water into the catch tray. There is a drain that goes to the reservoir. I will come in this weekend and access what needs to be done to get it working well again.

Thanks! I added water and made my cuts. There was a lot of drift in the cut. May 3/16" over a 2" cut. Some on both axis. Eric said he thinks the drift is not fixable. Not having the vice wasn’t a big deal for my cuts. Let me know if there something I can do to help.

I have been researching and looking at the issue with the drift. I think it has to do with angle of the piston and the hinge. New model saw have a less vertical mounting angle. The new angle cause less stress. The hinge does not have a cam bushing to correct for drift. I have tried loosening the hinge and change the bolt position. I think the only want to correct it is the make an oblong bushing so it can be corrected in the future or get another saw.