Hoping to Learn Carpentry

I have been trying to get into the woodworking course over at ACC but it keeps filling up before I can register. Wanted to gauge if anyone would be interested in taking on an apprentice of sorts, maybe once a week in the afternoons. I have worked with a carpenter in the past, though I mainly was doing grunt work. Would love to learn how to do some joinery techniques and build my way up to being able to make some furniture. Would pay so long as you are willing to take the time to teach me.

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If no one takes you up on the offer you might want to check out woodcraft and Rockler for their available classes. I know there has been talk of trying to get outside instructors to do classes here but that maybe a few months before it gains traction.

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There is also Austin School of Furniture if no one here takes you up on the offer. Their school is specifically tailored to creating furniture professionals.


Give me a call - 512-710-7991


^^^^^ This right here.

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Thanks for this Valerie. Definitely some classes there that seem to be spot on for what I am looking for. Appreciate the hip tip.

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I was secretly hoping @CLeininger would take you up on this but didn’t want to put him on the spot :sweat_smile: You are in extremely good hands there! ASF classes could still be cool too. We’re aiming to do some collaborating with them when everything aligns. Good people over there.