Hiring Membership Coordinator 🎉

We’ve officially gotten to the stage where we are simply too big for our britches and really need to hire our first ongoing paid position – Membership Coordinator. This will be a part time position (1099 contractor) working about 15-20 hrs per week on site to help facilitate membership onboarding, help members needing assistance with the systems we use, and a lot more. These are things that a team of volunteers have been assisting with and we still struggle to keep up at times, so it is high time we make this investment to improve the new member experience and also provide “office hours” that people can show up in person to get help.

We have posted this flyer at Rockler and shared it with Woodcraft and Austin School of Furniture. The application here also has the same information. If you or anyone you know may be interested in this position, please do share and apply!


Unfortunately, Lisa decided the Membership Coordinator role was not a good fit for her and we are now hiring again for this position. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please use this application form here. There are more details in the application, but below is a quick rundown on what the position entails.

The Role

Membership Coordinator is a paid part-time contractor position at Asmbly which is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. Volunteer work is not required, requested, or expected. Primarily responsibilities are assisting new members in the onboarding process, helping existing members with our systems, and responding to email inquiries. This person will also occasionally teach Woodshop Safety classes in 1:1 onboarding sessions using an established curriculum. Additional projects like helping update signage around the space may also be requested (these would be things the MC and Asmbly would both need to agree on).

The broad strokes:

  • 1099 contractor
  • $20/hr, 15-20 hrs per week
  • Paid training
  • Self-set schedule spread across 3+ days with at least 1 weekend day

The Benefits

  • Free membership at Asmbly with up to 36 hours of booking time per week
  • Free classes (max 2 per month)
  • Free 2’x2’ storage

Who Would be a Good Fit

This role is perfect for creatives who want to learn more trades. It’s an especially great opportunity for someone who is looking to build a career making. The benefits of the position can support creative endeavors outside the role and allow the person to get immersed and inspired in the maker world.

We need someone who is:

  • Comfortable managing their own time and establishing their schedule
  • Friendly and interested in helping members
  • Understanding of the flexible nature of the space – things are often in flux/in progress
  • Willing to work with us to navigate any road bumps as they arise – with this being a new position and Asmbly being a young organization, things are bound to come up that we’ll need to work together to adjust. This person will be working with a team of committed volunteer leaders who genuinely want to make the space and experience as awesome as possible. We’ll need active collaboration from our MC to achieve that.

Apply here

aww, sorry to hear that.

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Hope you guys are still looking because I just applied! I’m excited to join your community finally as I am moving to Austin. Been a very active member of the Dallas Makerspace so I’m sure I’ll fit right in.

Thanks for applying @HannaKessler! I should have updated the application and this thread to mention that hiring for this position is currently closed, but I’m glad you reached out and we’ll be in touch soon about teaching opportunities. I’m not sure how teaching at DMS works, but you can see some info on how it works at Asmbly on our wiki here. Excited to connect more with you and have you in the community!

No worries, figured it was a long shot based on how long the thread has been up. I’ll definitely get in touch once I’m in town and settled

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