High amp extension cord?

There used to be a high amp extension cord in a basket in the welding area … I can’t find it!

Anyone know where it went?

I took it with me. I had left it there for everyone to use, but I needed it recently

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Awesome, sounds good.

Can you let me know when it’s back at ASMBLY? No rush, just don’t wanna plan to weld if I can’t lol

Is this something we should order for the metal shop?

Yes. My thoughts exactly. Why is a critical path supply item able to wander off? This negatively impacts member experience. The welder should be fully usable at all times (as should all equipment of course).

The current setup in the metal shop works. The extension is for welding with 220v outside of the welding shop. The Everlast also has an adapter for running the welder on 120v. The welder works pretty well on 120v.


It’s not a huge deal, the metal shop is operating normally as is.

I’m the rare guy who wants to weld something IN his van outside the auto bay.

Also, I totally forgot about the 120 adapter! I can remember seeing it now but never thought to use it lol


I too have some vehicle-based welding in my near future. Do we have mobile welding curtains?

Curtains are really only required to shield other people from the welding. If your outside or away from others, you’ll probably be fine without them.

We don’t have mobile welding curtains

I think we should get at least one curtain and frame for safety. Amazon

I agree. Any idea where we could store it assembled? If it gets broken down, I bet people won’t bother assembling it just to use for an hour

I think we can butt it up against the welding curtain wall that is adjacent to the autobay. Leave it assembled.

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how do we feel about wheels? Good idea, or are those frames light enough it really doesn’t matter?

I think it is light enough to not care about wheels