Help With Gluing

Hey I was looking for some advice, I am trying to make these little portraits but am having some trouble gluing them, they are pretty small so the area to glue is pretty narrow (about .25 inch) and the glue seeps out about half the time or leaves to big of a gap in between the layers of the plywood. I attached a picture below, basically I am trying to assemble these three pieces together, in a way that looks clean and is efficient it takes really long the way im trying now, advice is appreciated thank you.


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I have a similar design I’m gonna be trying out soon and my plan is a jig with a right angle to line everything up then clamp it down

You can use CA glue for that and it’ll be fine, in which case it’ll be clear so the glue won’t be obvious

Use less glue (it’s not structural). Don’t spread the glue all the way to the inner edge. Let the glue tack up for a minute or two so it’s not as runny. Wait 15 minutes or so until the glue starts to congeal and then scrape off any squeeze out. 23 gauge pin nail from the back rather than use clamps. Or use spots of CA glue to act as a clamp while the wood glue dries. Mike’s idea of a clamping jig is good. Another trick is to oversize one of the panels then flush trim it to the correctly sized panel. This also takes care of most of the squeeze out and gap issues.