Help/advice with drum mic mount

Hello there!

I recently bought a new drum set with hoops that are thicker than normal, so I had to buy drum microphone mounts that fit them. Unfortunately, it’s JUST a bit too thick to fit, as you can see from the pictures I uploaded. The area circled in yellow, because it’s not a 90 degree angle, makes it a bit too wide, making it not really fit.

I only have experience in woodworking, not metal work, so I wasn’t really sure, but wanted to get people’s opinions to see if this is something that could be easily shaved or sanded down? Just that angled part on the bottom, trying to make it a bit closer to 90 degrees. It wouldn’t mess with the mount at all as all of the parts that tighten are higher up in the mount.

Anyway, would love any and all advice! And if someone is even willing to help me out with sanding it that would be much appreciated as well!

If that’s solid all the way through I’d have no qualms about laying it on a belt sander to make some more clearance in that corner. If it’s hollow you may have to do something more clever – I wouldn’t want to grind off a web and find the clampy bits flopping on a little thin skin.

With small or nuanced metal projects, I’ve been most successful using hand tools, rather than power tools. I’d probably find a suitable metal file and use a clamp to hold it steady

Here are a few closer up photos from all sides.

Do you know if there are any good metal files in the shop, or should I grab one online maybe?

I’ve got an “all-purpose” metal file you can use if there isn’t any at the shop.

I’ll be in and out of the shop this week, so I’ll just leave it in my car til I get the word!

Thank you! I probably won’t be able to make it until Sunday but I’ll take a look and see what is in the shop and let you know!