Hacker Appreciation Post

Barney, the big purple dinosaur has taught @JakeJ well!
His clean up routine was immaculate and downright inspirational.

Recently, have been noticing the space has been a bit more dusty and cluttered. But now, I’m jealous of whoever gets to use the woodshop first tomorrow.
I mean, take a look:

I cleaned up any areas that I may have used but seeing him get all up in the shop to clean every nook and cranny inspired me to stay a bit longer to help out. I had to leave but legends say he is still roaming the woodshop, broom and sanitizer in hand…

I hope we all take his example and keep the space clean for the next hacker coming in. Thanks again Jake


Wow! It even looks like the wall has been swept down!

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Absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: Thank you for leading by example @JakeJ!

That’s incredible! Thanks!

Resets like this make it a lot easier for everyone to keep the area clean, especially for us new folk who are trying to work out what the expectation for “clean” is.

Thank you @JakeJ I’m so happy to the cleaning!