Grizzly Resaw Bandsaw not making a clean cut

Is anyone having luck trying to resaw on the Grizzly bandsaw? The blade seems to be deflecting a ton and walking around a ton. The bearings/guides seem to be excessively loose - and they appear to be missing some hardware that would allow them to close.

Im assuming the blade is dull, but I’m also assuming a fair amount of user error. I’ve only reason small boards on small band saws.

I’m curious if anyone in the shop is having success, or if my issues are legitimate.

I set up and calibrated the bandsaws a few weeks ago and the Grizzly was making excellent resaw cuts. The blade is I believe a fairly Laguna Resaw King (carbide tipped) and will last a very long time if not abused. If the blade is drifting, then someone incorrectly changed the set up. The bearings should be set about a paper width away from the blade, and should not be touching. My week is pretty slammed so I probably won’t be able to make it there until Saturday. If you need to resaw sooner, you’re welcome to swing by my shop to use my bandsaw and/or I can show you proper bandsaw set up. Alternatively, Alex Snodgras of Carter Products has an excellent bandsaw set up video: Band Saw Clinic with Alex Snodgrass - YouTube

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