Grinder with brush red-tagged

Hello to all and especially @JoeN… I turned on the grinder to smooth some cuts and it made a big spark and died dead. I was able to use other tools on the circuit so guessing that it’s the tool itself. :frowning: sorry.

If you are competent and would like to change the power cord. Please do so. Let us know when it is done. I cut the end off of the cord. I believe that cord was abraded via the grinder. When it is fixed, unwind the cord all of the way off of the grinder prior to operation.


Oops - did I do it? I felt like I did uncoil it before I turned it on? Who knows - I can fix it! I will go up there is afternoon

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@doug.squires It is not anyone’s fault. The cord needs to be replaced. I didn’t put a replacement cord on it. Please find a spare cord from the electronics lab.