Grinder arbor nut missing

Hi, I was going to use the grinder but can’t find the arbor nut to secure the blade. Maybe I’m just missing something, I’m new to grinding and welding.


which grinder?

I didn’t see one for either handheld grinder.

Both angle grinders had disks mounted last time I checked them. If the nuts aren’t in that milk crate of miscellany, they may have fallen through and are on the floor under/around the shelves.

No discs were attached to either. Next time I go I’ll look under the shelves, that’s a good idea, thanks

For some reason we have lost all of the other arbor nuts. I took the one on the Makita and used it on the Ryobi grinder. James needed it for the ductwork for the dust collector. I forgot to put it back and order some more. We should stop using threaded implements for the grinder since we take them off and lose the arbor nut and back washer.

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New arbor nuts have been ordered.


All of the grinders now have back washers and arbor nuts