"Glass" for woodworking projects?

I need to purchase 3 sheets each roughly 14"x54" to install in bookcase doors. These doors are on hinges so the glass will move occasionally and likely need to support a bit of flex. Ideally it will be anti-glare and have UV protection.

  1. What sort of “glass” would you recommend for that application? (e.g. real glass, acrylic/plexiglass, polycarbonate)
  2. Where would you recommend buying it? I’m fine with local or shipped so long as it gets to me in one piece (well ideally three…).

We got the glass for our kitchen cabinets from Anchor Ventana. They, or similar type of company, can help figure out what to buy

We’ve used Binswanger in the past and been pleased with their customer service.

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Binswanger’s great. You can ask about bevel cuts but that’s probably beyond the budget, I don’t know.

Glass would be just regular break-into-deadly-shards, or tempered, or laminated safety glass. You can get special patterned glass (like shower glass) in ordinary or tempered, but laminated gets really special-order for those.

Yeah you are running a pretty long, thin piece. Also weight’s going to be a concern.