For quick visits (<10 mins) do we need to schedule time on skedda?

For instance picking up a glue up and taking it home, or picking up a 3d print.

I’ve been scheduling short 30 min blocks for those instances but I don’t want anyone else to think that time slot is occupied when it’s really just a quick in and out.

Thanks yall

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Excellent question! I think it’s still a good idea to go ahead and schedule it. Never know when it might turn into something longer when you arrive to something unexpected.

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You should be able to end your visit early. I am not sure how granular it gets so it might block the whole 30 mins anyways.

Yes, it does only go down to 30 min sections at minimum

@valerie I see @ZachLikesBobaTea 's got a good point though- you can end it early, but what resource are you booking out, and why? If you’re there to pick up a 3D print and someone’s got the area booked, I don’t see a concrete reason you would need an exclusive reservation for equipment you’re not even using. Someone with a reservation using that area isn’t likely a problem for picking something up. And if you can create a reservation, it does block others from scheduling the area ahead of time, even if you just show up, grab something, and use the “end reservation early” after 5 minutes.

AFAIK we have helpful volunteers who are fairly often coming by to do maintenance, stewarding around the shop for a bit, or general space-work (like the laser room) and I don’t see where we put that on Skedda. Seems like coming by to pick up something but not actually needing an official work station on Skedda is a similar thing.


Are we using skedda for contract tracing or is its sole purpose for reserving machines and areas?

If the need to contact-trace arose, we would use Skedda to do it. Fortunately it hasn’t come up yet. I don’t know if that was an intention originally.

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