[FIXED] Red Laser's error msg "Please install the cone before using air assist"

Error message on the Red Laser was reported Tuesday, May 26 around 11 am. The board has notified Danny so that he can reset the cone.

All fixed

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Thank you Danny!

Could we get more of a description of what caused the error. And how it was resolved. This way we have an idea of what to do about it in the future?

Perhaps others who have more expertise with the lasers can provide more details. As far as I know, the laser cone was somehow bumped. After setting up my file to start cutting this morning, I received that error message on the screen of the Red Laser. I did not make contact with or bump the cone in any way. Not sure how it happened. I reached out to others on the Board with more laser experience and Matt let me know that it was not something I could fix and that is why Danny needed to look at it and reset it.

@Joshcross just wrote saying the error is back


I got that error when I was using Red Last Saturday. Eric was nice enough to stop what he was doing to help me with - along with some other questions I had (thanks again, Eric). I think he said bumping the cone with material can knock it out of whack. It was a fix that should only be done by experienced hands.

I’m receiving the sane error this morning. I put a piece of scrap on the bed, turned on the laser, the red light, and then tried to cut but I receive the same message.

OK clearly it’s a bit different of a prob than I thought, but no biggie. I’ll be by soon and get this done right.

Tweaked the cone sensor into a better position reads fine now

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Thanks for the quick support @dannym

If anybody else runs into this issue let us know.

Yes, thanks again Danny for coming in yesterday to tweak the cone sensor, and so quickly. I was able to get my laser projects completed. Such a relief and the laser cutting went well!

Just for the sake a documenting, in case this comes up for anyone else, or is indeed related to the previous issues – yesterday, when I opened up Illustrator it got hung up when I tried to bring my file over to Red. This is step when you hit Print for the final time to send your job to Red. It just paused in that step. I gave it 5 or so minutes and then tried another file with the same results. Finally after about 10 minutes of this I went ahead and restarted the desktop computer. After that, I was able to send my Illustrator file to Red. I figured this is just going to happen occasionally and moved on.

When I came in this morning, after turning on Red, the screen stalled on an icon with the words “Out of Range.” I’ve seen these words with the same icon before when it boots up for the first time, but then it is usually very quickly replaced with many, many lines of code before it cycles online. I gave Red about 3 minutes on the stalled error message and then I decided to restart it. It was fine after that. Just wanted to report this experience in case it is indicative of anything that needs adjusting, or if I need to do something differently.

Other than those two minor and hopefully unrelated issues to yesterday’s “Please install the cone before using air assist” everything else was great. I’m really grateful for Danny’s assistance! If there are other ways to approach these two glitches I encountered, please let me know.

Hello Donna,

OOR (“no signal” at the display) is always going to show up on the display initially during boot but is quickly replaced by the boot screens. In rare cases, the display doesn’t see the signal and it continues to display OOR. Not sure why, but always been the case. Actually the laser does boot, but the display’s out of sync and doesn’t wake up. There’s no point in waiting if it doesn’t come up right at the start.

If the OOR thing does happen and it’s not displaying, just hold down the silver button for like 5 sec to force it off, let off, then press once more to start it booting again.

That helps, thanks for taking the moment to explain the OOR details! Donna

Big Red is back to saying “Please install the cone before using air assist”