Fix the mortiser?

I wanted to use the mortiser but it is still “defective”.
It’s been a while…
Any idea when it will be fixed Or even what’s wrong with it? I know it doesn’t turn on but why?
Thanks, Bob

@Bob I’m not sure what is wrong with it.

Ironically i opened it up the other night looking into it and i believe it needs another capacitor.

I perused the electronics lab to see if we had a compatible one but alas I had no luck. It is a CBB60 and its the 250v one if my memory serves me correctly

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I looked at the mortiser, changed the capacitor and still no go. Tested the switch and one half was not connecting, so I hard wired that side together and left the “good” side of the switch connected. It works just fine now. I think it should have the switch replaced eventually but for now it’s good.


Thanks @Bob We will look to order a new switch soonish

@Bob or whoever can verify this. Is this the switch?

No, like this one.

Thank you @Bob I have mortiser with the same switch. I will look for a switch