Fifth Law of the Festool Domino Joiner (Another Accessory Broken 🙁 )

The Domino Class description has a link to a document which in turn links a bunch of useful videos about using the Festool Domino. One is entitled “Four Laws of the Festool Domino Joiner”. I would like to add a fifth law: always place the power supply and the vacuum to the right of the tool. Because if they are to the left, no matter how carefully you try to coil them out of the way, they will move underfoot and trip you. It happened to Stanley, and now it happened to me. The casualty this time is the Cross Stop Accessory. Only a single small piece is broken, (the clamp-guide, part 469228) and it appears it can be ordered individually for just $1.50. I will do so as soon as I can. In the meantime, the broken piece is so simple that I intend to fabricate a replacement in the machine shop tomorrow so that I can get back to work. Sorry for any inconvenience.