Festolol 500 Domino support bracket

Well while using the domino joiner My foot got tangled in the shop vac hose and the machine fell off the table and one of the flanges on the support bracket broke off. I ordered a new support bracket but will not be delivered till 8/9. The machine is fine but the bracket not so fine. The bracket is still usable with the broken flange but no excuses, I am sorry and should have been more careful.

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Thank you for posting and please submit a red QR code if you haven’t done so already.

I’m teaching the domino this Wednesday and need to make sure this won’t present a problem for the class. I’m not quite sure what the flange is. Can you post a picture of the damaged part (or Festool part number) or email it to me at charles@elementalwoodworks.com ?

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Fyi to all, Stanley emailed me a pic of the damaged part. It’s the support accessory for cutting dominos into the face of a board. It does not otherwise affect usability of the tool. If it fits, I will loan the one I have for my DF700 until the replacement arrives.


We have a warranty with Rockler for both the Festool Domino as well as the Shaper Origin, so we should double check to make sure things like this aren’t already covered there in the future (@David can probably tell us when it is or isn’t covered).

Thanks for being accountable @Stanley and assessing the status of the tool @CLeininger!

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With something like this Rockler will cover the cost of replacing the support piece. Our policy is if the tool costs less than $300 we just replace the tool with a new one. If the tool costs more than $300 we will look at the repair cost and send the tool out for repair if it makes sense and if not we replace the tool. I always ask, “are you the only person using the tool?”, if not then the RPP makes sense in most cases.

Here is an extreme example: Customer bought a Festool Rotex 150 sander for +$600 and did not buy the RPP then came back three days later to buy another one. Reason is they had a small fire in the shop caused by oily rags and the sander was the only tool lost in the fire. He showed me pictures and it was a melted mess of plastic and metal. I told him that the RPP would have covered the loss and he bought the RPP on the replacement sander.

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The corner of the Domino support bracket is broken but it is otherwise usable, so I left it in the case until the replacement arrives.