Excess Wood pieces

I recently visited a shop that is going out of business and selling off materials. He has a pile of wood that

looks like it’d be great for cutting boards or other similar glue up pieces. Would anyone be interested in buying pieces. I’m thinking of picking up the whole pile, but it’s way more than I need. I could arrange a day to do a parking lot sale if there is enough interest.


I would probably take some off your hands. I wouldn’t need much, but could make some extra cutting boards or something.

I’d be willing to buy a few pieces. I haven’t made a cutting board before, and this seems the ideal source for material to give it a try. Thanks @jamesfreeman

I’d like to take a look. Maybe something for Community First village?

I’m looking for cutting board materials for family gifts. Where this at?

I’m probably going to pick it up this weekend.

Do you have a plan to pick it up / distribute the “spoils”? Need help? Vehicle?

I do have a plan for it. I’ll be grabbing other things at the same time. My thought for distribution would be a parking lot sale, first come first serve. Should be a cheap sale and a chance to get some good project wood. I don’t know exactly what wood is there, and won’t be trying to label anything.

parking lot sale at THAT location? (which is…where?) or ASMBLY or …

+1 here for wanting to have a look at the scraps

Sale at Asmbly

Let’s be sure to do it on a Saturday or Sunday when there are less neighbors around to minimize the risk of anyone getting mad about us doing it. :sweat_smile:

That was my plan, bring the wood with me one weekend day, take it with me same day.

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Are they selling and tools or anything?

Everything but the wood has sold already.