ESD-ify the electronics lab?

Hako USA was closing out a bunch of their ESD materials earlier this year, so i bought an 80’ roll of esd mat and a ton of ESD gloves as well as an assortment of tips. Could any of this be useful in outfitting the electronics lab?

The ESD mat would certainly be useful.

ESD mat is mostly useful in that it tends to protect the tables themselves–that way cuts and burns go onto a mat that can be replaced easily.

The biggest issue is generally that most industrial grade ESD mats outgas quite significantly for a while when you unroll them. Some people are sensitive to that.

I find that most modern electronics have such high ESD ratings that ESD gloves are more trouble than they are worth. Generally, I’m in more danger of destroying the component by fumbling it with my fingers because of the gloves than an ESD event.

This is, of course, different if you are an assembly line with high flow ventilation.

The ESD mat has been out of its wrapping for a few months, and at the very least doesn’t smell like anything. Any particular time I should bring it by?

No particular time. I can meet you if you want. Otherwise just let me know you dropped it off.

If you just want to drop the roll off, I recommend putting it in the back corner of the electronics lab behind the server rack. That will keep it enough out of the way that people won’t be tempted to use it as a floor mat. :slight_smile: