"End of travel detected" Red laser Error

Has anyone has this issue? It says press Ok to rehome but it does nothing

[edited to move to Space Teams>LASERS]


i’ll look at in a little bit, thanks for reporting.

@dannym I have a class at 7 if you wouldn’t mind glancing at it you happen to need to go up there

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I was able to fix this issue and run the laser once. Now the computer doesnt seem to be communicating with the laser. I click print but it does not update on the laser

if your printing from illustrator you need to check the layer transparency and the opacity of the colors need to be 100%. For some reason it can kick into a weird place.


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Getting the same issue again
Projects look right
Every time stops after about 30 seconds
Nothing was pushed or damaged
I just got here, put my piece in and started engraving as usual