Dust collector canister filter is full

It’s been like this for some time. The filter loaded up pretty heavily and creating a lot of back pressure and significant bypass. This does slow down the flow, and lets dust escape.

What are we doing with that one, are we cleaning with with compressed air?

I’ve cleaned it a few times, with compressed air. But that has been weeks apart. How often do you think that it should be cleaned? Weekly?

Hard to say. There shouldn’t be much back pressure- the clear bag will always inflate a small amount, but I’ve noticed it’s been tight as a drum for a long time, indicating back pressure problems. I wouldn’t have seen how often it was getting sprayed out, so I couldn’t relate that to that schedule, other that it appears to need more.

Let’s say weekly, then. I’m in most Saturdays. I’ll try to do it then. If some other folks do it also, it should stay cleaner, at least.

Is this the planer dc for cnc router dc bag?

Pleated one you just turn it on and blow compressed air from the outside along all the pleats

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The pleated filter was beyond simply hitting with compressed air. The back pressure was blowing the seals on the gasket. There are turnbuckles holding it tight, and those appear to have loosened as well. I had to uninstall the filter, beat the filter (from the outside), and hit it with compressed air, a few times in a row. I re-installed, and the system is pulling great now, and no leaks around the gasket. The turnbuckle system could be improved a bit, but it works. It just needs to be hit with compressed air more frequently.