Dust collection down

The dust collection system for the table saw, miter saw, planer, and jointer stopped turning on this afternoon. A few of us that were at the shop tried to flip the breaker for it, but couldn’t get it to come back on. (We also tried all of the breakers in the 5 and 6 panels.) I think everyone using the tools resorted to dust collection with shop vacs.

Which of the breakers controls that system now? And is there something else that might be causing the problem since we tried almost all of them? Thanks!

The plug for the dust collector that goes into the Ivac switch on the wall likes to come out just enough to prevent the collector from coming on. The breaker is in the box just to the left of the sink, although I don;t know the number of the top of my head. It should be labeled dust/ sanding station. The breaker was replaced and upgraded recently, I haven’t seen it trip since the upgrade.

I think is in panel L5. It is breaker #1

I think this is more serious than just an electrical problem. When a machine using the collector came on, the collector began making a very loud humming sound like it was trying to start but couldn’t. Only after about five seconds of that did the breaker trip. It may be physically jammed or otherwise won’t start up. The collector had been working before about 2 pm, when this began to happen.

It’s also seemed to me that suction has been poor the last few days compared to the past.

An additional note: a QR code for reporting a problem with the collector, like we now have on the individual machines, would be helpful. I don’t have Discourse on my phone and had no way to report the problem then. Someone there said he would post something then, but he obviously didn’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, so this went unreported for five hours.

The starting capacitor is bad. @danny I think you have a small collection of dust collector repair parts.

@JoeN Well we did, but those parts all got cleaned out. The cap in there isn’t burned but rarely is. I have an LCR tester that checks these.

I got the impression this motor runs on a centrifugal starting switch, since you can hear something pop back as it’s spinning down after being turned off. I did unplug it, spin it up a little by hand, plug it back in, and it started and ran just fine. (seriously, don’t do this, it was just a test). So I think there’s a centrifugal switch stuck but that’s just a theory, I’m not 100% certain there is even such a switch in there.

@mgmoore the flow is weak because the cannister filter is clogged. It needs to be sprayed out with compressed air, from outside-in. The huge shaker felt bags perform much better in the long run as you can just beat them with a stick and knock the dust out of the fabric back inside.

But, we do have a new system coming anyhow. I’m not sure what to do in the interim. The Harbor Freight dust collector there is “hacked” with an impeller upgrade that greatly increases airflow, so if you want to grab an HFT replacement, we need to pull the impeller off the existing one with a pulley puller and move it to the new motor. Also the 6" inlet mod.

I forgot about the centrifugal switch. I checked that the impeller was clear and spinning free. I removed the rear fan cover, turned the power on, and used a piece of wood to spin up the motor. I put it back together.

We run the dust collector on the cnc to hear if there is a centrifugal switch.

@JoeN you still got that Delta by any chance?

I do. I can lend the space this one instead.

Let me know if the space is interested? I’m taking the Delta with me. The Grizzly is a 1hp. This can be a stop gap till the big dust collector arrives

Yikes. I knew that 1HP- it was much less than half what we are using. At least the one they sold some years ago.

Is the one at the space a 2hp?

2HP plus the impeller upgrade by the table saw. The one on the CNC is 2hp but the stock impeller

I will come by and look at the delta to see if it is an option.

Not sure if you saw @cfstaley’s post already, but those problem QR codes actually all go to the same form, so you can use any of them anywhere to report any problem you come across.


The delta is a 1.5hp. I forgot I have a Jet 2 hp 115/230v one. I will remove the motor and drop it off. I’m not sure I can get to it before I leave town though

Can you just bring the whole jet, ? We don’t want to fuss with swapping motors. We Will run two dust collectors again for a little while

Jon and I connected your delta DC to planer, joiner and table saw

The impeller is not balanced on this setup

I brought over my motor and it won’t work. The motor shaft is a different size.

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I have a dust collector I’m not using till Jan 8. I will drop it off. Only thing is it uses 220v. I will wire it to the Grizzly bandsaw plug. It will take out the Grizzly for the time being. This a stop gap till we figure something or the big dust collector arrives.