Dust Collection Clogged For Planer

Was in the shop earlier today, and the dust collection for the planer wasn’t working correctly. It would turn on and inflate just fine, but the planer would just shoot it’s dust all over the place out the infeed and out feed slots. I tried to troubleshoot, but didn’t see any obvious issues or clogs. Not sure if this issue has been seen before, but it might just be that the hoses need some cleaning.

Tagging @workshop to make sure this gets noticed quickly

I will stop by and look at it in the morning.

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If this is resolved, could someone put ‘[RESOLVED]’ in the title?

Is the blast gate open?

I thought the manual blast gates would be ok. I think I was wrong. There is a lot of misunderstanding of how to use them. The ivac is probably a better solution. I know danny is right and we need to shorten the flex tubing and connect to hard pvc overhead, getting them off the floor. The delta should be moved to a position near the bandsaws. I would rather see the delta stay connected. I would be concerned about a single point of failure with one dust collector (like right now at the table saw and miter saw). Baby steps.

@Fmartin this thread was created long before the blast gates were installed. I’m not sure about the other things you mentioned, but this was due to a clog in the tube rather than the blast gate being closed. I think the blast gates were installed without much fanfare and not everyone knows that they are there yet. Perhaps a large sign next to the dust collector power switch would be useful to get everyone up to speed and let them know they have to watch for them.