Door Openings help request

Hey guys,
As you’ve probably seen we had to enlarge some doorways in the space to be able to get our larger lasers into the new Laser room!!

We now need to trim out those doorways to make them look presentable

If you would like to help please reach out here or DM me for details.

We have all supplies on hand to either use the extra metal door framing or just rip it down and use some 1x4 1x6’s

Thanks again,

Eric Peterson


I am not touching this mess with a ten foot level. I was hoping to take part in that “workday”, but I had something come up, couldn’t make it. I stopped in a day or two later and was totally appalled, pure bodgery.


…just a question. Are you going to properly frameout the opening or just cobble something together?


They’re just steel-stud partition walls - there was never any door framing to speak of. The openings just need to be trimmed out.

@LoboFPV Can you elaborate…? What exactly is so appalling about some cut drywall

Unless I am missing something lol

I believe the goal of the workday was to get the spaces opened up enough to make room for the new lasers. I think it was understood that the work done was by no means considered finished. That’s the point of Eric’s post, asking for help to finish the work.
I know a lot of effort has gone in to getting the lasers moved and running as fast as possible. That left the finishing out of the door as a lower priority. There is a stack of materials in the laser room for finishing out the door frame.
As someone who participated in the workday, and saw all the effort going into it from those who helped, the post about the “bodgery” is slightly offensive. I understand things come up, and not everyone could make it in to help, but criticizing the work of those who did is not helpful or respectful to the community.
Just my two cents.


Yeah I gotta say this is very offensive. The community rallied that day to get a lot done and did. We made several posts afterwards about what we did and didn’t achieve highlighting the fact that not everything got finished and we need more help from the community to finish out things like this. Please don’t poison the well with comments like this @LoboFPV. The request made here is a straight forward one and does not warrant the criticism brought forth.


I came in the other day for the first time in a while and was happy with the changes. I am glad we got the lasers moved and are planning on getting them functional. I was also happy with the increase in total workspace that we are gaining by switching the classroom into a functional space.

I was also happy that the 3D printers are now in a cleaner environment and separated from the woodshop.

A lot of good work has been going on, just want to say thank you to everyone who has been volunteering to do that work.


Thanks to whoever took the time to finish framing out the doors. It looks great!