Does anybody have the key to electronics lab?

That door to the electronics lab has a manual lock on it, but I can’t find a key for it.

Does anybody have a key? Or do we need to replace the door handle and lock?


Are you locked out, or just looking into it? If it’s not an emergency, I can dig through the drawers in the board cube on Monday.

Just looking into it. No rush.

Locks sometimes have a way of self-setting at the most annoying times. And we tend to keep that door closed a lot (for decent reasons).


I found a bunch of keys but none fit the electronics room door. I also couldn’t get it to lock – I wonder if somebody in the past tried to remedy the lack of key by disabling the lock mechanism.

Certainly possible although you are braver than I. I didn’t want to piddle with the lock on the off chance that I would succeed without a key.

If we can’t get it to lock then that is fine for now.