Do we have a track saw?

Do we have a currently functional track saw on site?

I’m sure I’ve seen tracks near the tool walls but I can’t recall if I’ve seen the saw itself, much less anyone using it.

ps: is there a way to use this board on a phone that doesn’t suck? trying to hit the edge of the post button while resizing the window is a nightmare

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I’ve always found the mobile version on my phone to be pretty usable. Can you share some screen shots of what it looks like for yours?

It’s like this :sob:

It kind of looks like you’re trying to use the desktop version of the site on your phone. On your mobile browser there may be an option to request the mobile version.

This is what mine looks like

Re: track saw. I don’t think we have a track saw. But we have circular saws which can run next to a straightedge. Not the same thing, but could perhaps work. I could be wrong though, I’ve just never seen one.

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No track saw, yet. It’s in the near term plans, after the MFT tables are complete

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