Definitive Operational manual for Red laser

Hi Everyone,
I started a operational manual for the red laser that I would like everyone to help contribute on, For now it is just an outline but I will add from the old red laser training manual as well as my extensive notes over the next few days. What I really need help with is for people to annotate and put arrows etc on the pictures that I have as well as handle the file setup and loading settings portions.

Hopefully this will help people from getting stuck on little things and actually be able to cut stuff!

Here is the google link:Drive

Thanks, Eric


When you took the Red Laser safety and operation class, you should have been given a copy of this manual. It’s meant to be updated and a reference guide. I took some time to write it up when I was the Director of Education… if it’s not up to date, please update it with new information.

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Thanks @martinbogo that is the one that i’m pulling from to create this one.(i’ll link it in here as well) The main goal of this one is to be super quick and easy to use operational manual for people who have already taken the class. This will be mostly annotated pictures and bullet points which will help people find the little details about file setup or that you have to pull the air line for 30 sec for it to be able to build pressure etc. that frustrate people who haven’t taken the class in a while.

More detailed explanations and info from your manual and other sources will be in the appendix.


Snagit is a pretty great program for annotating pictures, that’s what I use. They have a 15 day free trial if anyone is interested in helping with this project and wants to use that. It’s a very solid, pretty intuitive piece of software.

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Here is the old operational manual, It has a lot of great info that can we can distill and put into this one.