Default condition of SawStop- ripper vs finishing?

I often see the SawStop has the finishing blade on it when no one is using it, and people are coming in and just using the finishing blade that’s there and burning their hardwoods when they really need the ripping blade. Seems like a lot of new or casual users who are reluctant to get in there and change the blade. But the ripper is the most common need.

Do we have a requirement that the ripper blade should be installed when you leave? That makes sense, the minority who need the finishing blade can get in there and change blades, and then they can change it back to ripper (just like changing to a dado, you need to put it back to default when done).

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I like this proposed strategy of always defaulting it back to the most used blade

Is it a finishing blade or the 40T general purpose?

Maybe it makes sense to change the default to ripping if that’s what most people are using the table saw for (I almost always have a ripping blade mounted at home) but it’s not unreasonable to default to general purpose.

When we have a track saw set up for sheet goods, there’s even less reason not to leave a ripping blade on the table saw.

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By “ripping” I mean the 40T general purpose blade, as opposed to the (probably) 80T finishing blade

oh, I thought you meant a 24T or 30T dedicated ripping blade.

I agree it’s definitely not a great idea to leave something finer than 40T on the saw when you’re done using it.

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