Custom Ender 3 Pro Re-Build

I don’t think “finished” is the right word, but it’s near a point where I’m getting results I like. I took a stock Ender 3, placed a new bed on top of the heater for a flatter surface (A Fulament Fulabed), replaced the stock MCU with an SKR Mini E3 V3, A micro swiss hot end with direct drive, and installed Klipper as the firmware.

Ok, that was a lot of technobabble, right? The best way to put it is that now I can print fast and accurately after I do some tuning sessions. I, of course, did the calibration cubes, benchies, and other easy prints. But yesterday, I decided to give it a real test, so I printed out a Dragon, not just a dragon but a non-supported, fully articulated “print in place dragon.”

Pretty dang good oh and if you were wondering what Klipper is

If there is enough future interest I may teach a class on how to set it all up but it isn’t for the faint of heart lol.


I would be interested in an advanced class in the future. I’m a big fan of the Creality Ender Pro 3. I have made some improvements and want to learn even more about making it better.

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Klipper is pretty nuts with what it can do but also a same but different beast from Marlin. For example, Klipper lets you manipulate the config on the fly from the web page and then reboot the Raspi, and boom; you’re done. So you can make a lot of edits quickly and not have to compile a new firmware each time.

I got so deep into this that I made an excel sheet to do the calculations for figuring out the e-steps (for klipper it’s Rotation_distance)

I love these kinds of 3D prints that can articulate! Those are so awesome :heart_eyes:

Very impressive @Devmani! I’d be interested in an advanced 3D printing / Ender on steroids class