Current project: Cyberpunk Oni-Mask

Working on this Oni-mask for Ikkicon, I’m loving the quality of the details I got from my new Elegoo Saturn printer! I’m thinking about either going with RGBs or EL wire. Leaning more towards the EL wire route.


Looks very cool

Whoooooa! It’s so smooth!!! :star_struck:

Love the color. You gonna paint it or leave it translucent? What resin did you use? I have the Mars, and it’s great but a little small

@gordoa40 I think I may leave as is and use EL wire to make it “pop” I used 150ml of Anycubic clear resin with two drops of Alumilite Translucent Violet Dye mixed together. I made the mixture for these gengars but it came out a little darker than I wanted it.

So I decided to print a mask

Looks great!

Thanks @CNChoovey turns out it was the wrong scale lol so I had to do it over in proper scale. Here it is at scale with the fangs test fitted.