Curious Question - What to do if Breaker Trips Mid Run on CNC?

Hey all,

I had the breaker for the CNC (the single breaker - left side of breaker box when your facing it) trip about a minute or so after completing a program a few days back. When the breaker tripped the dust collection had not yet been switched off and the CNC was idle. I flipped the breaker back on and there were no issues however if I were in the middle of a cut what is the proper course of action? Would I restart everything, safe Z once linux cnc is powered on and scrap the material?

Proper way is to restart Linux CNC. Rehome the machine. Find the last cnc tool path entry point. Raise the z to max height. Hit start from the specific cut line. IMMEDIATLY HIT PAUSE on the remote. Press the spindle on button on the remote. Let the chips fly

The spindle start command only happens when the program is naturally started. You have to pause the program and start the spindle. If not the machine will break your non rotating bit.


Glad I asked haha. Thanks for the quick feedback Joe! Makes sense.