Conflict on the Discourse

We are hoping to encourage a sense of community here and to help facilitate civil discussion even when people disagree with each other.

One way I like to think of it is, if you had a child beside you, and a local news crew filming you, would you still say it? It may seem silly, but there are times when people say things online that they wouldn’t say in person. But we want people to keep the same attitude and civility they have in face to face discussions online as well.

Alot of times people forget that tone can be hard to understand in online messages, and can un-intionally come across as rude or hostile when they didn’t mean to.

If you see somebody causing trouble or trying to instigate an argument the simplist thing to do is to continue the discussion and not respond to them. Responding to their instigation is what gives them power to de-rail a conversation into a flame ware.

If you feel a post is hostile and inappropriate what we ask you to do is instead of responding to it, that you flag it instead. On any post you can flag it by clicking the 3 dots, and clicking the flag that appears.

The system responds to the flagging by notifying admins and moderators to let us know an issue has occurd, and we will investigate it and take action if needed. If enough people flag a post or user the server will automatically take action as well.

Remember we are all here to learn, grow, and enjoy each others company. Even if we dont agree on something we can keep our discussions here civil.

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