Cold Saw: Blade Broke, Awaiting Replacement Blade and Part

The blade on the Cold Saw broke into pieces. I will investigate how this could happen while we await a new blade. It will be offline until that arrives.

Update: we will need a replacement part for the saw as well. No ETA yet, but it is likely longer than that for just a blade.

Update: the replacement part has been ordered. Unfortunately, it is literally coming on a slow boat from China, which will take several weeks. However, Joe and I are confident we can machine a temporary replacement for it. I’ve already acquired the necessary raw material.

That means the limiting factor in getting this back online is getting a blade. The ETA for sharpening the old blades and for getting a new one is the same, hopefully late next week.

There will be a few procedure updates for the cold saw once it’s back online to address what happened. Look for announcements here and big glaring signs on the saw as well.

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We are still awaiting parts from overseas.

The Cold Saw is back online with a replacement part that I machined. But there are new procedures to be followed, as explained here: Cold Saw: Back Online, but with Updated Procedures

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