CNC z-probe not detected

Last night when I was zeroing the z axis with the z-probe, the spindle moved down towards the z-probe like it normally would, but before the bit touched the probe it then went back up and I got a message on LinuxCNC saying the z-probe was not detected. (I ended up manually zeroing the z axis and that worked out fine.) I was using the probe with the two holes in the metal disc. When I pushed down on the disc to test it, the red probe indicator would light up. Also, when I first got there the NUC was laying on the floor, so I’m not sure if something got unplugged? Any who that’s all I got for ya’ll.

The probe-z function will only move down a few cm before quitting it it doesn’t detect the probe. The bit has to be pretty close to the probe already. This is so it doesn’t ram into your material or the bed if its positioned improperly.

If it already was pretty close, then I’m not sure the problem. But that’s my best guess

Interesting, the bit might have been about 3 inches above the probe when I initiated the function, is that too far away?

It has a 1 inch limit coded in.

Sounds good thanks, I’ll make sure to keep the bit within an inch next time.