CNC Router Goodness

Great Job to whoever did this!


I got that and modded the CNC out last night! I meant to do it earlier, but the 3 phase rotary switch I picked up before just didn’t feel like good, sturdy quality. This industrial Siemens one is baller! The 90 deg fittings have effective strain relief. I still pre-wrapped them in gaffer tape to ensure the SO cable rubber can’t be cut and the wiring can’t slip at all.

I wasn’t sure how the box would mount or where, but that corner is just perfect. You don’t have to stoop at all.

Note it has a lockout hole too. That is, if something happens and it’s outright unsafe to power it up, a padlock can be locked through it so it cannot physically be moved from the “off” position. Table saw has one too.

There is no longer a breaker on the machine itself. It is redundant, the wall panel has a breaker so there’s not a good reason to include another breaker here.


Love it!! Nice work.

Yeah, that looks much nicer; sturdy and convenient. Thanks!

Does this replace the main machine power switch or the spindle power?

VFD. Spindle power. This replaces the inline breaker that was used as the VFD power switch. It was a functional breaker too, but it never tripped. The wall panel has a 20A three phase breaker anyways. It should not be possible to pop the breaker by overloading- if you were to wildly overload the spindle or jam it so it can’t start, the VFD will go into overcurrent fault first and LinuxCNC will see that fault on the ModBus and immediately revert to the Pause state.

It has a great feel, it’s like a lever to engage the hyperdrive

It’s a little susceptible to having dust dumped on it though. When you pull a sheet off, it does dump a lot in front, but the switch should just shed it


It has a great feel, it’s like a lever to engage the hyperdrive

I do believe I will work on my Picard impersonation, then, and say “Engage!” every time I switch it on.

I propose an official rule, though: no bad Scottish accents muttering things about needing more power for the shields.