CNC router bed size

I know the bed size is 5’ x 8’. Since the new spoil board has been installed. The z height has changed. What is the z height available after the new spoilboard install?

Well, depends on what point you compare against, but a sheet is 1". IIRC the first was down to 0.75", then someone stuck like a 1/4" masonite sheet on it… it’s about 1" less.

I went by and measured it. The bed to the bottom of the spindle is 7.5625". Someone had asked what is the theoretical tallest height.

Sounds right. The collet itself does take up a little space. The gantry can actually be raise to other heights, actually it can go fantastically high (over 24") if needed, but with some compromise on its stiffness that makes it less suitable for more general cutting, and changes to that do mess with the leveling. Did he have a specific job in mind?

They are carving some bucks and just need the height. They said it was tall enough for the job