CNC remote batteries?

Anyone know if there are extra AA batteries anywhere? CNC remote is basically dead

That’s how the remote looks a lot of the time, should still function properly.

I took Danny’s excellent CNC class Wednesday and Thursday. He mentioned the batteries are rarely dead, but it’s a common misconception. If they were dead you wouldn’t be getting a display. I remember there is a button in the CNC software that locks out the remote, but don’t remember where it is.

It’s when you power up the remote without the PC being booted that it will briefly light up, and then go blank (sleep mode) that is often misconstrued as dead batteries. But the Low Batt LED won’t be lit for that.

This time, though, that actually is the “low batt” LED. Wow. Well, it just takes two AA. I usually keep spare AA and AAA in the kit, but there weren’t spares in it the other night.

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I just ran out and got new AA batteries and it fixed it. The remote wheel wasn’t completely responsive with the old batteries but seems to be just fine now