CNC keeps moving my X after I set it

The CNC isn’t cutting correctly for me since it was last moved. I’ve been using the same program file and jig for almost a year and every time the MDF gets changed or the table gets moved I’ve been fine, until this last move. After squaring the gantry and setting X, Y and Z to my jig’s home position, I start my program and the CNC somehow thinks my X is about a half inch north of where I set it. So I retrace my steps and square the gantry and reset my X, Y and Z for the second time and run the program again and the same issue happens.

@dannym could this be related to any of the recent software changes.

Other things could be, wrong boot up. or wrong linux profile? Not sure. Inknow Tanner is a pretty seasoned user, so I dont think the simple answers are relevant.

FWIW, I did not have an issue yesterday.

This would not be due to a change I made, all that is being done on a new box which isn’t installed yet.

This is likely a tool offset getting set. We can look in the tool table and see.

What generated your G-code?

@Mollie is who created the original file in Vcarve. I’m available most evenings if you have time to take a look at the file/g code and see if anything stands out.

Let me know when you meet up and I’ll try to come down.

I did do some things that might have cleared a problem offset. It’s working fine.

If it was generated by vcarve, I’m not suspicious of the gcode in that project