Cnc collet question

I’m here setting up to use the cnc and should the collet look like this? Or is it toast?

I can’t really tell from the picture. I don’t see anything obviously weird. Are the bit collets not fitting into it?

This question comes up every now and then. Yes, that’s normal. ER-20 have an eccentric to help pull out the collet, so it doesn’t get jammed in the spindle.

The eccentric locks the collet into the spindle nut. You would push the collet into the eccentric to install in the spindle. To remove the collet you would put some side pressure on the collet near the top of the collet to remove it.

Yea I know it’s eccentric, just felt looser than normal to me so I wasn’t sure if there was some wear

Nothing unusual there. That is the nut of course, the collet goes in the nut. The nut does not see any wear in normal use, if anything is turning on those surfaces something would be very wrong.

Some collets snap in tighter than others.