CNC classes now on Neon

The large format CNC classes are now in Neon. You can find the listings on our new website or in your member portal. Be sure to check out the event pages on our website for details about the course.

The November sessions only have 2 spots left, so be sure to register ASAP if you want to get in!

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Hello! I’m definitely interested in learning how to use the CNC machine, but I’m not sure if you need experience in CAD first–which I don’t have.
Any thoughts? And any free CAD software out there that would work w/ Vcarve?

Good question, @dannym should be able to answer that. Part 1 teaches you Vcarve, so I don’t think you need prior experience.

Fusion 360 has a free hobby license. Any program that can draw and export vector files is good. You don’t need prior experience to learn how to use Vcarve or the cnc router.

We also have a “Makerspace Edition” license for VCarve Pro. This means you can download the trial version, then link it to the ATX HS makerspace license. So you effectively get VCarve Pro for free while you are a member. It has a few limitations (like you can’t export vectors to other programs), but it is powerful and fairly easy to learn. The company (Vectric) also publishes fairly good tutorial videos.