Cleaned/organized mitre saw station

Hey everyone,

Ive been trying to dedicate a bit of time after each session to cleaning up an area of the shop. I figured the mitre saw station could use some love, so I cleaned it up and (tried to) organize it.

There were a few things that I had no idea what to do with, so I erred on the side of caution and left them alone.

By the way, I was using the vacuum station, but couldn’t find the right connector for any of the attachments on it. I’m guessing a few of them just got lost.


Perhaps someone from the 3D printer community would volunteer to print adapters?

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That’s great, Cain! Thanks.

What doesn’t have any adapter? We can maybe find and replace that one. Some are hard to fit into a sander.


@cfstaley did you by chance find a black piece of metal with threads on one end by the drill press? It would look like this but with the handle cut off.

@Mollie Cain did the cleanup.

@carsuaga ? Did you find what Molly is looking for?

Hey @Mollie, no I did not see anything that looked like that. I reorganized most of the stuff around that area, so most likely it is not there.

And @cfstaley, I’m not sure which adapter is missing to be honest. I’ve never used that vacuum before. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been pretty busy.

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@carsuaga What were you trying to attach the vaccum to, but could not? Then I can track down the adapter.