Class Sign-up Spreadsheet?

Do we still have the spreadsheet where we can sign up for various classes?

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Hey @tomthm, some of the classes have moved over to Neon, but not all of them yet. So far the blue and red laser classes, and intro to woodshop are on Neon (as well as orientation) and can be found through your Neon member portal or the new website here.

The other classes will get moved over soon, but these are the spreadsheets I know of that are in use and haven’t been moved over:
Intro to Metal Shop -
Metal Lathe -

I’ve been putting big bold notes/links in these spreadsheets when they get transitioned over so it’s really obvious and easy to see where to go next.


Thanks for the info and links. I think you had covered this already, so thank you for the repeating this!

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Hey guys,
I was trying to find the sign up sheet for the CNC router. I didn’t see it on Neon, or in the spread sheets. Could you point me in the right direction please? Thank you , James.

Hi, James! How was the woodshop class?? I think we’ve almost got it out on Neon, for now though the waiting list is here:

Hey @jamesmcnees, the upcoming CNC courses are up on Neon. You can access them through your member portal in Neon and on our new website

FYI - The CNC classes for November (event page here) currently have 2 slots left.

Hey Kye. Just got to the space tonight, and my key fob isn’t working. I was given fob 14 for James McNees. I’ll attach the a picture of the fob. Can someone advise me how to correct this?

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